The Welsh Corgis are the first pets you will buy in this game. You don’t need to have any pets to buy this dog and they cost 100 Kibble. They are a big fan of the Art studio and love to wear a Floppy hat and drinking Lemonade. Their special effect are small bubbles. All the bears sport, play, read books and hug a lot. They are small, cute, energetic dogs. They wake up early in the morning, don’t like lazy days and are always prepared to help their brothers and sisters.

Did you know? Edit

The origin of this herding dog is difficult to trace, there are two breeds recognized, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. The Cardigan can have any color, with or without white markings. The Pembroke can be red, sable, fawn, purple, black and tan, with or without white marking.[1]


  • Cream Corgi: If you need the perfect watchdog, then this corgi is your buddy. He’s always the first to notice everything. He wakes up early in the morning and it doesn’t matter if it's still dark, or the weather is bad, he watches over his siblings. This cream corgi has a beige color with white and brown markings and green eyes. He looks like the toy #2311.
  • Ginger Corgi: This little dog always want to go out and have fun. It doesn’t matter where, as long as the sun is shining and her friends are there. Perhaps you can take her to the beach, or the park… And you know what, the battery of this corgi never runs out! This ginger corgi has a tan color with white markings and dotted blue eyes. She looks like toy #1360.
  • Tan Corgi: Have you ever seen YouTube movies of dogs running around in circles to catch their tail? Funny aren’t they? This energetic ball runs around her sisters and brothers as if she wants to herd them together. Perhaps she can help the black corgi? This tan corgi with white markings, dotted blue eyes and a pink nose looks like the toy #1864.
  • Black Corgi: The black corgi knows how to herd. He doesn’t herd cows or sheep, but… his favorite animals, geese! I bet you haven’t seen that before! If they don’t listen, the Tan Corgi can help him. This black corgi with white markings, dotted blue eyes and black nose look like the toy #2245.
  • Flower Corgi: As humans, dogs like to collect stuff, but they don't put their things on a shelf, they bury them in the ground. Saving for later that is something you will learn in this game. As a real collector, this corgi loves to help her friends with finding and gathering all kinds of things. This tan corgi with white markings, flowers, dotted green eyes and a black nose looks like #1851.

Dream setEdit

Wearable itemsEdit

Quests Edit

Name Task Reward Skip
Your first pet! Buy Welsh corgis 50 kibble Not possible

Awards Edit

Award Task Amount
All Welsh Corgis Find all Welsh Corgis 5
Complete Dream Set! Complete your first Dream Set 1

Collector items Edit

Image Number Description Category [2] Sellpoint Price
  1. 1360
Tan corgi with white markings, dotted blue eyes and a black nose Purses Hasbro Retired
Amazon 50 dollar
Ebay 6-20 dollar
  1. 1851
Tan corgi with white markings, flowers, dotted green eyes and a black nose Postcard pets Hasbro Retired
Amazon 32-39 dollar
Ebay 2-20 dollar
  1. 1864
Tan corgi with white markings, dotted blue eyes and a pink nose Blythe Hasbro Retired
Amazon 13-20 dollar
Ebay 4-16 dollar
  1. 2245
Black corgi with white markings, dotted blue eyes and a black nose. Fashion Shoot Hasbro Retired
Amazon 15 dollar
Ebay 12 dollar
  1. 2311
Beige corgi puppy with white and brown markings and green eyes Walkables Hasbro Retired
Amazon 19-22 dollar
Ebay 25 dollar
ToyWize 25 dollar [3]

Gallery Edit


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