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    Littlest Pet Shop is developed for children aged four or older. I’m an adult and still I play this game every day. Am I easily addicted or is this a game developed for players between 4-99 years?

    Studies show that touchscreen games are taking over the world of toys. Game developers try to rebuild all traditional games into a digital version. To prevent a fallback in the toy industry they want to make a connection between new toy lines and mobile apps. The connection between the imaginary, digital world and the role plays with toys in the real world are very innovative. Hasbro is one of the first companies that made a connection between toys and digital games. They even made a connection between an animated television show, a toy line and mobile games…

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    Who is Blythe?

    February 17, 2016 by Sopdet

    Players who want to know who Blythe is, need to learn something about collecting dolls. Blythe is a doll created in 1972 by Allison Katzman. Allison Katzman worked for the toy company Marvin Glass and Associates (1914-1974). The doll was bought and produced by the toy company Kenner. During one year this doll was sold in the USA, Australia and Japan. The original advertisement is still on YouTube.

    There were four original, fashionable dolls released in 1973. There was a brunette, auburn, blonde and redhead Blythe. They all could change their eyes in the colors blue, green, pink or orange. Blythe had 12 outfits based on the fashion trends of the seventies: Golden Goddess, Pretty Paisley, Love 'N Lace, Medieval Mood, Roaring Red, Pinaforce Purple, …

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