I don't know what you're talking about, Zoe.

—Sunil Nevla

Sunil Nevla is a magician but he is easily scared. Everybody cares for this mongoose even though he dislikes love. In the game he will show you that he's a big fan of bling.

Quotes Edit

The only thing scarier than an iguana is a TALKING iguana... And flying bunnies!

There's only one problem with cupcakes... you can never feed your pet just one!

A pet's life is full of ups and downs... when they're riding a seesaw!

Quests Edit

Name Task Reward Skip
Couple of cakes Feed Cupcakes 2 times 500 Kibble 2 Bling
Double the dry Blowdry 2 pets 1000 Kibble 2 Bling
Lazy Lodgin' Buy Winter lodge 1000 Kibble 2 Bling
Get a Garden Get a Fairy Garden 1000 Kibble 2 Bling
Bamboo bungalow Buy a Bamboo bungalow 2,000 Kibble 2 Bling
Ups and Downs Buy the Ultra Seesaw 500 Kibble 2 Bling

Gallery Edit

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