There's nothing like a lot of traveling to remind you there's no place like home!

—Vinnie Terrio

The Pet Jet is a funhouse that costs 10 Bling and gives a reward of 60 Kibble. In addition, there are 3 tappable areas on this funhouse, each of which give up to ... Kibble when tapped.

There is also a house called Littlest Pet Jet. That house is on the Wish List of the bears. If you are out of Bling you can buy the house for 100,000 Kibble.

The Pet Jet is a popular play set in the toy line of Hasbro. 'The Littlest Pet Shop LPS Jet' (Item 1242) is sold in retail for 39,39 dollar. [1] [2] There are 4 pets in the play set that are designed for 'LPS Your World app'. The play set also includes 72 Deco Bits pieces and 40 accessories.

The Pet Jet that looks like the house in this game is 'Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop Pet Jet' and is out of stock. It has become a collector item with prices between 8 and 199 dollar. [3] [4] [5] It was sold with a Blythe figure and a bulldog.

Pets who asks for a Pet Jet Edit

Quest for which you have to buy this funhouse Edit


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