• Brown Persian: This pretty kitty loves to play hide-and-seek with her brothers and sisters and pick fresh strawberries from her garden. Summer is her favorite season!
  • Pink Paw Persian: This sensible cat likes to shop for bargains -- she is great at finding the BEST sales! She and her sister go shopping together all the time.
  • Silver Persian: This is a spirited pet who likes diving in the ocean and exploring distant islands. No fear of water here!
  • Pink Persian: Rather than enjoying cakes and ice cream like her brothers and sisters, this pet is a health food fanatic! Apples and carrots are this cool cat's favorite snacks!
  • Sparkle Persian: "Shopping time" is this pet's favorite words! In fact, you'll rarely catch her without a shopping bag in each paw!

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All Persian Cats Find all Persian Cats 5

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Image Number Description Category [1] Sellpoint Price
  1. 1921
Gray Persian cat with pink ears, paws, white ear tips, ruff and muzzle with red nose and purple eyes Fish N Swim Hasbro
  1. 1948
Dark taupe Persian cat with cream inner ears, ruff, muzzle and markings, black whiskers and eyespots, indigo eyes Collector Pets Hasbro


Light pink Persian cat with magenta ruff, markings and paws, with blue eyes Spring Eggs Hasbro
2440 Brown Persian cat with pink nose and green eyes Cutest Pets Blind Bags Hasbro
2664 Light pink Persian cat with fuchsia ears, ruffle, nose and eyespots, black inner ears with swirls and blue eyes Cutest Pets Hasbro

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