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  • Pink goat: This goofy goat may be clumsy, but she also has a beautiful singing voice and can play the harp better than anyone with hooves should be able to! #2533
  • Beige goat: This goat can be grumpy sometimes to his brothers and sisters, but beneath that gruff goat exterior is a great friend with a good heart. #1786
  • Lilac goat: This pet is a great little climber! You can probably find him on the nearest roof or mountaintop! #2299
  • Tan goat: This pet is the best chess player around! He has taught all his siblings to play, and on weekends they have chess matches in their backyard. #1952
  • Sparkle goat: This pet is a trivia buff who has knowledge on almost any subject you can imagine, from classic rock to quantum physics! Not coincidentally, this gifted goat is a big fan of libraries.

Dream setEdit

Wearable itemsEdit

Quests Edit

Asked by Name Task Reward Skip

Awards Edit

Award Task Amount
All Goats Find all Goats 5

Collector items Edit

Image Number Description Category [1] Sellpoint Price
#2533 Pink goat with pink markings and dotted, blue eyes Hasbro
Ebay 6-19 Dollar
#1786 Beige goat with brown markings and dotted, blue eyes Hasbro
Ebay 8-10 dollar
#2299 Lilac goat with brown markings and dotted, blue eyes Hasbro
Ebay 7-9 dollar
#1952 Tan Goat with reddish markings and dotted, blue yes Hasbro
Ebay 5-19 dollar
# Hasbro

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