Have you seen the fourth episode of the Littlest Pet Shop tv serie? If you want to enjoy this game you should watch Gailbreak. The adventure was released in the game on 24 March 2014.

When passing by the Largest Ever Pet Shop Zoe saw that her sister Gail was trapped in the shop. She and Blythe had to do something to get her out. Of course Russell Ferguson had an idea. Do you have an idea? Will you complete the quest?

Quests Edit

Name Task Reward Skip
Close Enemies Buy the Largest Ever Pet Shop 20,000 Kibble 2 Bling

Quotes Edit

Zoe Trent: "Terrific! Security seems tight. We'll need to do some training to prepare for the breakout.

Pets Edit

Houses Edit

Play Areas Edit

  • Escape Trampoline
  • Robot Swing

Funhouses Edit

Locations Edit


You can go undercover during nighttime in a new Location: Nighttime Downtown City.

Accessories Edit

  • Spy Hat

Gifts Edit

Image Name
Zoe's pillow
Bone Basket