This wading bird loves to stand on one leg and we don’t really know why. They are very social and live in big colonies. People love to see them dance, stretching their necks, flapping their wings and stamping with their feeds.

Did you know?Edit

Flamingo is Spanish for ‘with the colour of flame’. When a baby flamingo is born they are white or grey and it can take up to two year to become pink or red. Flamingo’s form a strong bond with their partner and they will defend their nest no matter what.


  • Rosy Flamingo : Quiet a little bit from one by one she shares her purple tutu any time
  • Blue flamingo : His word used That his brother threw his toy
  • Pink flamingo : Hot topics are crazy about stories from Her Same Thing
  • Lilac Flamingo : She goes shopping on holiday for thanksgiving with her mom
  • Orange Flamingo : Most Flamingos have excellent balance, but this one puts her brothers and sisters to shame! She's an expert at the balance beam and doing perfectly straight headstands!

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Name Task Reward Skip
Plenty of plumage Welcome a flamingo 10,000 Kibble Not possible

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Award Task Amount
All Flamingos! Find all Flamingos 5

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Image Number Description Category Sellpoint Price
Hasbro Retired
Amazon dollar
Ebay dollar

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