The Day Spa is a house that you can buy for 100,000 Kibble. Houses are meant for the pets, for each pet you need a room. The Day Spa has 2 rooms, so 2 pets can live in this house. Houses don't give a reward, but you can put a play area on it to earn money. The Day Spa has room for one play area.

The Day Spa was released on June 6, 2013 in the version 'Littlest Pet Shop 1.0.4'. In the same release the Pet Shop was introduced and the fun house Day Camp and two play areas, a spinner and a seesaw appeared. You need to have at least ... pets to unlock this house.

The Day Spa is on the wishlist of the Goats. The wish list of the pets isn't the only reference for houses. There are lots of pets who love to relax in this house. Do you know who? I bet Zoe Trent does.

Wishlist Pets Edit

Quest Edit

Asked by Name Task Reward Skip
Zoe Trent Relaxed snacks Get the Day Spa 15,000 Kibble Not possible

Awards Edit

Award Task Amount
All Houses Obtain all Houses 26
All Buildings Obtain all Buildings 43
Shop-a-holic Get 30 items or more from the store 30
Shopper Get 5 items from the shop 5

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