Littlest Pet Shop is all about collecting pets. In the toy line you can collect more than 3000 pets, in this game 350 pets were released since 2012. As it goes with collections, some pets are easy to get, others are exclusive and rare. In the shop you can buy 52 pets. If you treat them well you will get five pets of each group, 260 in total. Eighteen pets were a limited edition, 90 pets in total. Most players have about 175 pets in their garden.

If you want a quick overview of the collections or pets in this game you can take a look at the categories: Collection and Pets

All the pets in Littlest Pet Shop have four siblings. So each time small families of five members or variations, all brothers or sisters. From some species there is more than one group. A group isn't always a breed, sometimes it is a category based on a fantasy theme or the character of the pets. The dogs and cats are well presented in the game. There is a group called Dogs and a group Puppies and there are 13 extra dog breeds: Boston terriers, Bulldogs, Chihuahuas, Collies, Dachshunds, Dalmatians, Fancy Spaniels, Hound dogs, Huskies, Maltese, Sheepdogs, Welsh corgis and Yorkies. In the group of cats there is only one real breed Persian Cats and there is a group Persian Kittens. The others are themed groups called Cats, Kittens, Coon Cats, Fun Felines, Longtail Cats, and Quirky Kitties.

When you take care of your pet you earn Kibbles and experience points. The experience points are little stars that fill up the happiness meter or playing meter. When that meter is full a new pet arrives. The first variation needs 150 points, the second 300 points, the third 450 points, the fourth 600 points and the fifth 750 point. Once you have five pets or variations in the same group with a full happiness meter you get a reward. Those rewards are an important source of Kibble. If you save them well you can buy a few extra pets.

Overview Edit

Amount of Pets Reward Kibble Reward Bling
1 Pets 50 0
3 Pets 400 1
5 Pets 200 2
10 Pets 400 3
20 Pets 800 4
35 Pets 1,600 5
300 2
500 3
600 3
700 4
50 Pets 3,200 6
75 Pets 6,400 7
100 Pets 12,900 8
150 Pets 51,200 10

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