There are two ways to access the ‘Social Menu’.

On the top left corner of the screen you see your avatar and the text ‘Social’. Tab on your avatar or the text 'Social' next to it to open the menu.

On the bottom right corner of the screen you see a small Treasure Chest. When you tab this tool button you have access to the main menu. The second option is Social. When you tab on the Man Woman Icon you have access to the social menu.

In the next screen you can:

The pets in Littlest Pet Shop love to travel and visit friends. The social aspect in the games is very important. In the quests the head characters Pepper Clark and Vinnie Terrio will ask you to make friends and give gifts to friends. There is also an award for gifting called ‘Gift Sender’. Above all, gifting is the only extra way to earn hearts and hearts are very essential in this game.

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