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Most people ask the same question: "How do I earn Kibble and Bling". There are a few ways to earn Kibble, Bling, Hearts and Gifts.


You can play the mini-games "Care-Time" with your pets and earn kibble while feeding them, bathing them or playing ball with them. When you have five variations of a pet, you will earn 200 kibble each time you feed them.

There is also a game called the Friendship mini-game. The thought bubble of your pet appears in the form of a heart. When you tap on the heart, the pet will tell you with who he wants to play. When you tab on the the friend you'll get free Kibble.


Once a day you can play the free Lucky Paws game. If you feel lucky you can spend your Bling or Hearts to play. Playing the Hearts Lucky Paws game and Bling Lucky Paws game improves your changes to win the perfect price, not only Kibble, Bling, Hearts and Gifts but even pets. Keep in mind that blings are hard to catch, spend them wisely.

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