On the bottom right corner of the screen you see a small Treasure Chest. When you tab this tool button you have access to the main menu. The fourth option is the Inventory. When you tab on the Backpack you see all the gifts you got from the lottery or your Friends.

This page shows you all the items you can have in the inventory. When you add an article, image, or subcategory to this category, don't forget to add [[Category:Inventory]] at the end of its page.

Awards Edit

There are a few awards that you can win when you win 'Gifts', put gifts on your 'Wishlist' or 'Give gifts' to you friends. This is a quick overview:

Award Task Amount
Gifted Get 10 gifts 10
Complete Dream Set! Complete your first Dream Set 1
Fill up Wish List Fill up your Wish List 3
Gift sender! Send 3 gifts 3
Rewarded from Gift Giver Receive an award of Gift Giver 1

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