This category shows you all the images of the pets with their price. When you add an image to this category, don't forget to add [[Category:Images Pets Prices]] at the end of its page.

If you have a better image you can 'replace' the image: Click on the image, choose 'More info' in the right corner of the screen, choose 'Replace' under the 'Edit' button dropdown.

Images that are still missing:

  • Limited editions: Adventurous bears, Coon Cats, Deers, Fancy spaniels, Foxes, Maltese, Porcupines, Turles, Wolves
  • Ferrets, Goats, Lions, Puppies, Yorkies

Media in category "Images Pets Prices"

The following 47 files are in this category, out of 47 total.

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