The pets in Littlest Pet Shop adore a sweet treat. The Sweetest Pets collection is based on the most favorite desserts worldwide. Bright colors and sweet designs are a central theme in this collection.

Overview Edit

The numbers between #3043 and #3052, and between #3069 and #3074, and between #3135 and #3144 are in the category: Fairies.

The numbers between #3084 and #3107, and between #3145 and #3168 were sold in blind bags.

The numbers #3215 and #3216, and the numbers between 3241 and 3260, and between 3278-3285, and between 3340 and 3343 are missing.

The numbers of the Sweet Delights Sweet Shoppe (Buttercream Sunday (#3173), Penny Ling (#3273), Minka Mark (#3274), Zoe Trent (#3275), Sunil Nevla (#3276), Vinnie Terrio (#3277)) are used twice. The Elephant friend has number #3248 instead of #3238.


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