On the bottom right corner of the screen you'll see a small Treasure Chest. When you tab this tool button you open the menu to a lot of options, the fifth one is a book called Collections. When you tab on that Book you can see how many variations you have of each breed and if you accomplished to get the 'Dreamset'.

You can use this book to visit your pets. Tab on the book and use the arrow in the left bottom corner to browse to the pet you want to visit. Tab on the pet. You'll see all the variations. When you tap on the info button you can read a brief description. When you tab on the 'Dreamset' button you open the information page for the 'Dreamset'. On the left bottom corner of the screen you'll see four buttons. One to take care of your pet, one to buy accessories for your pet, one to see the 'Dreamset' and one to read the brief description.

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