The Basket House is a house that cost 40 Bling. Houses are meant for the pets, for each pet you need a room. The Basket House has ... rooms, so ... pets can live in this house. Houses don't give a reward, but you can put a play area on it to earn money. The Basket House has room for ... play area.

The Basket House is part of a major, seasonal release on April 14, 2014. The Easter Edition was released in the version 'Littlest Pet Shop 2.1.1'. It was a Limited Edition. In the same release some new prizes appeared in the lotery, like Easter Eggs, and the Lop Bunnies and Dogs entered the daycamp.

Wishlist Pets Edit

Quest Edit

Asked by Name Task Reward Skip

Awards Edit

Award Task Amount
Shopper Get 5 items from the shop 5
Tycoon Build 10 Buildings 10
Shop-a-holic Get 30 items or more from the store 30
All Houses Obtain all Houses 26
All Buildings Obtain all Buildings 43

Littlest Pet Shop 2012 Edit

Toy line Hasbro Edit

In the toy line there are a few play sets you can buy:


All the pets need a place to stay. This is a special Gallery to show who is living in your Basket House.


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