When the going gets tough, the tough get armadillos! Don't worry; these little armored knights are cuddlier than they look!

—Russell Ferguson

The Armadillos are available once you have adopted 10 pets and cost 40,000 Kibble. They are a big fan of the Winter Lodge and love to wear a Tween Bangle while playing with the Rope Toy. Their special effect are bright, pink sparkles. All the armadillos love to dance and hit the party with their special dance moves or magician tricks.

Did you know? Edit

This endangered turtle-rabbit has found himself a home in South and North America. Most species are found in Paraguay. He loves building himself a home near creeks and rivers. He is always busy with digging, digging burrows, digging for food; He has big claws, can walk under water and can flee true thorny patches.

Armadillo is Spanish for “Little armoured one”, but most armadillo's don't count on there armoured body to protect their body; They flee as quickly as they can to defend themselves. They have short legs, but they can run very fast, The three-banded armadillo's roll themselves up as protection, the nine-banded armadillo jumps up two or three feet in the air. The smallest one is the pink fairy armadillo, he is 15 cm or 5.9 in and the biggest one is the Giant Armadillo, he is 150 cm or 59 in. [1]


  • Pink armadillo - This armadillo loves to dance. Like a little ballerina she loves to put on her tutu and give it all she has. Not only for her family, but also for her friends! Be sure to buy you tickets for her next show! This pink armadillo with purple and green markings has blue, dotted eyes. She look like toy #3028
  • Yellow armadillo - All armadillos are musical, but none so much as this one! She is such a talented ukulele player she even gives lessons to her brothers and sisters!
  • Purple armadillo - This armadillo is a hit at parties! Why's that? He's a master at making balloon animals! Just don't ask for anything more complicated than an earthworm.
  • Blue armadillo - Like many other animals, this armadillo was bitten by the magic bug! His favorite trick is pulling a bouquet of roses out from under his armor shell!
  • Lilac armadillo - This armadillo is always tap-dancing! She taps her way through breakfast and all the day long until she goes to bed! It keeps her family awake, but she can't stop the beat!

Dream setEdit

Wearable itemsEdit

Quests Edit

Asked by Name Task Reward Skip
Russell Ferguson Behind the armor Get an armadillo 10,000 Kibble Not possible

Awards Edit

Award Task Amount
All Armadillos! Find all Armadillos 5

Collector items Edit

Image Number Description Category [2] Sellpoint Price
#3028 Pink armadillo with purple and green markings and blue, dotted eyes. Hasbro
Ebay 4-10 dollar

Gallery Edit


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